About the Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative

The Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative was designed to help travelers, hoteliers, and local communities develop and promote environmental, social, and cultural sustainability by increasing awareness of issues affecting tourism, providing education, and showcasing best green practices for hoteliers.

Understanding how transportation, accommodation, and excursions impact local communities and the environment, will enable us to take action and help to minimize environmental damage, maintain historical and national heritage, and assist in the economic development of local communities for future generations to enjoy.


The goals of the Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative are:

  • To educate and raise awareness of the benefits as well as the potential negative impacts of tourism.
  • To provide information and guidance based on academic studies, research, and best practices to help reduce your carbon 'footprint'.
  • To highlight the benefits of sustainability and offer suggestions that will help you become a 'greener' hotel or a more responsible traveler.
  • To showcase those hotels that have already adopted green policies and highlight the positive effects on their business.
  • To engage, share, and encourage each other to be part of the solution.

Who We Are

The Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative was developed in partnership with the leading hotel price comparison website, HotelsCombined.com, and respected tourism sustainability and hotel greening experts, Dr Sonya Graci and Jacqueline Kuehnel.

The Guides

The guides we've created provide clear guidelines which can help hoteliers become more environmentally friendly, and for travelers to enhance their enjoyment of the destination they visit while also being responsible tourists.

The Responsible Traveler Guide

Is an easy to read guide that shows travelers how to improve their travel experience while being environmentally responsible and improving the livelihood of the local communities. The guide follows the traveler's lifecycle; offering valuable suggestions for the pre-planning stage, while you are traveling, and when you return.

How to Increase Your Bottom Line by Greening Your Hotel

Is a comprehensive guide that focuses on identifying the business benefits to going green as well as several best practice examples from all over the world. In addition, a comprehensive self audit checklist is included for hoteliers to use to 'green' their own hotel.

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