Green Hotels & Responsible Tourism Initiative

The Responsible Traveler Guide

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People love to travel, so much so that in 2008 over 922 million people crossed the world by air, land and sea [1]. From city holidays to hiking trips, travel can be beneficial in a number of ways for the community, the environment and your personal well-being. However, the planet is fragile and both tourists and suppliers are endeavoring to understand how they can lessen their impact. This means doing the least harm possible to the natural environment, valuing and protecting the local culture, and providing as much economic benefit as possible.

Whether you already are a committed green individual at home, or you just want to learn how to become a green traveler, this guide provides useful information to assist you to plan your journey.

To be an aware and conscientious traveler will help protect the places we love.

We owe it to the local people and to future travelers who, like ourselves, want to enjoy unspoiled sites and cultures.

A Few Facts About Travel and Tourism

Often travel and tourism is taken for granted and few people know how large, complex and fragmented this industry is. In 2008, the tourism industry generated over $944 billion dollars in revenue worldwide [2].

It is no wonder then, that travel and tourism can provide many great benefits to many regions worldwide. There are, however, many things that could be done differently to avoid damaging the wonderful places we visit.