Eco-friendly accommodation bookings have consistently increased since 2002

2004 - 2016 Eco-friendly bookings

Inform your customers about your plans and efforts to help the environment

When you create your Eco Policy Statement, your property will be listed as 'Eco-Friendly' on HotelsCombined. This will allow customers to filter their search and find accommodation that is eco-friendly. We will also provide you with a GreenHotels Eco Policy badge that you can embed on your website so customers can see that you're passionate about being eco-friendly.

Create your Eco Policy Statement

This review will ask you some questions about your hotel in order to create a sustainability and environmental statement, so you can easily share your current efforts with your customers and employees, and inform them of your future sustainability commitment.

It was designed to complement the green hotels whitepaper, so please read the whitepaper in full before proceeding with the review.

After you have completed the review a page will be created that will highlight what you're currently doing to green your hotel and help sustain the local community, and the intitiatives you plan to undertake and achieve in the next five years.

You can click here to view a sample environmental policy

Information about your hotel

Complete the form below to create your Eco Policy Statement.

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