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Benefits of Tourism

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The key benefits of tourism are economic, socio-cultural and environmental.

Economic benefits - Tourism can provide direct jobs to the community, such as tour guides or hotel housekeeping. Indirect employment is generated through other industries such as agriculture, food production, and retail.

Visitors' expenditure generates income for the local community and can lead to the alleviation of poverty in countries which are heavily reliant on tourism.

Economic diversification is important to areas where there may be a concentration of environmentally damaging industries such as mining or manufacturing.

Infrastructure development such as airports, roads, schools, hospitals, and retail areas have the potential to benefit the local community and can aid economic development by allowing more trade and better flow of goods and services.

Social benefits - Tourism can bring about a real sense of pride and identity to communities. By showcasing distinct characteristics of their ways of life, history and culture, tourism can encourage the preservation of traditions which may be at risk of

Environmental benefits - Tourism provides financial support for the conservation of ecosystems and natural resource management, making the destination more authentic and desirable to visitors. It also adds more value to the local tourism business.