Green Hotels & Responsible Tourism Initiative

The Responsible Traveler Guide

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Getting Started

Making the right choices can have a profound impact in the way tourism products and services are operated and marketed. Consumer pressure will force businesses to make changes to meet the needs of a more conscientious traveler - don't underestimate your power to influence change!

Where do you start?

Taking a trip involves several important stages and The Responsible Traveler Guide provides a comprehensive list of the possible green choices you can make while planning your trip, before you leave home, while you are there, and when you return.

You can start by taking a few minutes to check if the travel supplier and destination you are considering has a published environmental policy, a corporate social responsibility statement, sustainability guidelines, or green practices.

"Green" is defined in many different ways and it can often be confusing. Try and look for a commitment to being environmentally and socially conscious by the companies and destinations you are considering. Also look for concrete actions taken and their accomplishments to date such as savings in water, energy and waste. Their commitment to the community and their employees is also a good indication of their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Also, check consumer websites which have responsible travel reviews, green travel magazines, blogs, and any other sources which may provide insights into green and ethical business practices.

A little bit of research will go a long way in selecting suppliers and destinations that are aligned with your values and which meet your environmental expectations.

Now you can get started...

Planning the Journey

Some people have a clear idea of where they want to go, but don't yet know how they will get there. Others know they are going somewhere, but are not quite sure where. Regardless of whether you are in the planning stage, some questions need to be answered first.

  1. Where to go (destination)?
  2. How to get there (transportation)?
  3. Where to stay (accommodation)?
  4. What to do while there (excursions, dining, shopping)?

Choosing the most environmentally sustaining options available to fit your personal preferences, and the destinations you will be visiting - will provide a more fulfilling travel experience.